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Virus Spyware/Removal
Both experienced and inexperienced PC users alike constantly run the risk of being infected with a virus or spyware. Infections can come from any variety of sources, whether you're browsing your favorite websites, or trading pictures with a friend. The culprits are malicious and are not limited in their variety. Trust Mobile Helpdesk to identify, eliminate and protect your personal or business computers from these threats.
HardWare/SoftWare Removal
Instructions never make sense, Especially after you just got done with a long day at work. The last thing you want to do is try to decipher some engineer's idea of a sick joke within your new hardware or software installation guide. Don't risk the possibility of damaging your new investment. Let the professionals at Mobile Helpdesk spend the time to make sure your Hardware or Software installation smoothly and seamlessly integrates into your system. After all, it's what we do!
OS Installation
The software sector of today’s technology is one of the fastest growing and ever changing in the market. Your potential is only limited by your imagination, and your computer's ability to keep up. Mobile Helpdesk is committed to being knowledgeable about today’s and tomorrows Operating system releases, and upgrades. Whether you just want to reinstall your current Operating system, or install a fresh new look that will better work for you, count on us to choose the best one for your needs, while doing it quickly and efficiently.
Data Backup / Restoration
As convenient as digital data is, it is equally fragile. It is important to ensure that all of your important information is stored in a static environment where it can remain secure and unharmed. Data Backup services offered by Mobile Helpdesk will ensure that all of your important data is secured in a manner that will last lifetimes. Sometimes it's true that your computer is out to get you. It does things that can only be explained by supernatural phenomena. Data loss is usually a result of these events. In these cases, our staff is fully trained and ready to recover your seemingly lost data and bring it back to life. Ask us about our data recovery services!
Diagnostic Fee
Computer issues are common and wide in their spectrum. Even experienced home users can become stumped from time to time. When you fix these errors for a living, you have more opportunity to see more problems and develop strategies to fix them. Mobile helpdesk has worked in the industry for over 10 years identifying conflicts both with hardware and software while finding new and improved ways to fix them. Come to us with your computer problems, we will fix them in a timely manner.
New PC Setup
Buying a new personal computer or business machine is a big investment. Not only an investment from you, but from the computer distributer as well. You see, when you buy a new computer, it is loaded with lots of unneeded programs and applications that are geared towards advertisement and generating more sales. This "blahware" so to speak can slow down your system and reduce the life expectancy of your new investment. Protect your purchase. Call us to eliminate the blah, optimize your settings and ensure your new PC is operating at peak performance.
Computer Training
There are times in the ownership of a PC that we all need a little help. Our trained technicians are well versed in today's software technologies, and stand ready to share that knowledge with you. From the PC Beginner to the avid user, we can disseminate our knowledge in a fashion that is quick and easy to learn. With our Computer Training package we will teach you what you need and want to know, and we will ensure you have a complete understanding of the selected software environment.
Wireless NetWork Install
Wireless networks take advantage of today's cutting edge technologies to send and receive data through radio digital signals. This form of network setup is cost effective and has very little hardware installation involved. Bring all your PC's within your home or Business together seamlessly with our Wireless Network package.
Wired NetWork Install
Wired Networks can connect all of your Computers together under one Network umbrella in an environment that is more secure than wireless networks. Our staff have all the right tools and equipment to install a permanent solution to your network needs that is both scalable and secure.
Computer Guard Bundle
Don't jeopardize your personal files or your PC environment. With our Computer Guard Bundle, we will personally visit your home 3 times a year to inspect, diagnose and optimize your system for smooth operation and protection against security vulnerabilities. With this regular monitoring we can also identify potential problems and ensure your system is operating at 100% efficiency.


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